Passion and profession

When passion becomes the profession.

Occupation: an activity in which a person is engaged. It is what we do with the work hours. Somewhere during the passage of time, the activity of filling your 24 hours has become a lot about our profession. Profession: The ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice aptitude, to do something well.

Occupation has now become a synonym of the profession. It is important to keep alive the distinction between profession and occupation. We are talking about something very basic to human existence. Profession .. it is what brings bread to the table in the urban landscape. A profession is what people do,.. and are happy to do beyond work hours.

The affair between professionals and designations always ends up in a divorce. Challenges faced by senior executives other than those that come in form of targets and organizational culture. Personal brand why building it is important and how web- presence helps.

Which is the best profession …The simple answer to that and for many years has been  “Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life”.

Meaning of Profession: a vocation requiring knowledge of some department of learning or skill. The ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice aptitude, to do something well. Profession anchored in skill and is financially remunerative. 

The debate about work-life balance is omnipresent. A debate which got settled by Sundar Pichai in his now-famous 60-second speech .. he says and I quote “Imagine life is a game of 5 balls that you manipulate in the air trying not to fall these balls. One of them is rubber, and the rest is glass. The five balls are Work, family, health, friends, soul.It will not be long before you realize that (work) is a rubber ball. Whenever you fall, you will jump again, while the other balls are made of glass. If one of them falls, it will not return to its previous form…..Manage your work efficiently during working hours, take the time to be assured of your sincerity, give the necessary time to your family and friends, take appropriate rest, and take care of your health. If you are gone, it isn’t easy to return as it was”.

There is a difference between occupation and profession. Profession anchored in skill.

Senior management synonym

Challenges of senior management

being in the spotlight …

that is only one of them!

The debate on work and life got settled. Let’s build conversation management as a profession. It is relevant to generate the synonyms for management. The commonly used ones would be management Leadership, Senior executives.

We will build the debate on management, senior executives, leadership the aura around everything senior, and challenges that come along. Let us start with the similarities first. Management and all its synonyms are centered around individuals.

Management is the process of dealing with or controlling things or people. Leadership is the ability to perceive. Articulate what has only been imagined so far. Make the choices when the need arises. Inspiring others is a side effect of good leadership.

One of the perks of carrying the weight of the spotlight is gaining experience. It includes gaining wisdom, the ability to mentor others, or even experiencing failure. Experience that comes with time. There are a lot of benefits to carrying the weight of the spotlight. You garner a lot of attention from people, and it’s a lot easier to be able to stand out from a crowd. Share your comments on how the spotlight affects you. Does it encourage striving for greater opportunities? Or does it encourage hiding the flaws and push the unpleasant away?

Executive leadership has been able to build aspirational value for that chair at the big brown table. I write about the Challenges of executive leadership and is help available? In the article, we discover how most challenges come written between the lines. Leadership programs are helpful, as long as you are to make it your own.. now is that a challenge in its self?

My motivation to explore challenges comes from increasing lifespans. Here are some facts.

Life expectancy according to world bank data in the developed western world stands at 78.54 years for U.S.A and 81.26 years in U.K. respectively. Life expectancy in India shows a growing trend and is well on track to catch up with America. was 69.42 years. Access to quality medical care, adds a few years to that figure. A fair guestimate would lie about 75 years.

Age at the highest echelons of corporate India according to The firm’s analysis of 411 directors on boards of 38 BSE100 companies also indicated that the average age of the directors rose to 63 years in FY19-end.

Compare the average age of the C-suite or board of directors at 63 with life expectance at  75 years. It accounts for a little over 10 years after you have as they say in the navy ”swallowed the anchor”.. One decade… That is the time it takes to start and finish schooling!

A decade of time to share what is already there .. is that a challenge for the senior executives? Web presence offers the opportunity to harness the experience. Experience that has been painstakingly built. . Let it not meander in the woods. Make that experience visible to the younger generation. A digitally-savvy younger generation. The opportunity lies in being present with web-presence. 

 Leadership Quotes

Leadership is an ability. The good days make great social media posts. The tough times make even better reading. Leadership styles of the executive leadership continue to carry the weight of a spotlight. They add weight to the models and frameworks of leadership development programs.

Take a look at what leaders are saying in leadership quotes curated by

Those who genuinely want the project to succeed, find additional references, look beyond pages 3, 4, and 67 to find those small bits of important information. They could be on the client side but work as part of your team. Also, those, that have the project running in thought throughout its timeline. They keep painting the final picture and talking about it to everyone. Rishikesh Lokapure

Collaboration is key to innovation. And innovation is only possible with high-performing teams. Resham Ramachandran.  

Success without failure is a fluke: Rajiv Handa from

Craig Fenton….My one takeaway from the 100s of interviews I’ve conducted at Google? There isn’t much intersection between what businesses need and what the school system teaches.

Some of our most successful candidates:

  • Had average grades
  • did not go to the best schools
  • had great street smarts

And many less successful candidates

  • Knew how to ace an interview
  • went to the most famous schools
  • Had straight A’s but lacked creativity

“Brand is the only way you can get unnatural demand for your product… branding is the only way you get irrational preference in the minds of your consumers”…Subramanian Krishnan.

Personal Branding and why it is important

Web presence helps build a personal brand.

Note that I choose to skip the designations from the quotes above. There is little reference to the profession. The quotes carry the power to influence. Head to the comments section to say if it helped convey the point. In the words of Ravish Kumar “do you get my point”? 

Designations are some of the earliest forms of branding. They have a shelf life. The affair between professionals and designations always ends up in a divorce.

Designations are a classification of a person based on an accomplishment or skill. Some of the most common types of designations are from an exam you cleared. Most designations make use of “certified,” and/or “professional” in order to stand out. It said something about the individual. It branded the exam.

Brand creation has been an exclusive club. It has been a time-consuming and expensive process. For a company to create a name and image, it needs the help of a consultant. Defining a company’s positioning in the marketplace and creating a visual identity. Articulate core values and how to communicate them effectively. Branding has proved to get disproportionate growth.  Content has helped businesses to get their message out there in a non-salesy way. In the future, businesses will have to take a more active role in their brand’s storyline to be successful. 

 It is no different for an individual.

Understand the paradigm shift that the internet brings to the table. Internet connects people, which is why personal branding is important. The connected world is a great place to find someone who values your product/concept! Web presence: LET YOUR IDEAS COME ALIVE!!

Defining personal branding can be difficult. It’s hard to cut through the noise and the information overload. It’s even harder to make sense of all the pieces. Personal branding is how you display yourself to the world. I write more about How to make yourself visible and valuable. I write more about Personal Brand: How to be visible and valuable.. Check it out and share your thoughts

Aura of the chair in the board room got built over time. It was built by people who were there, stepped out, and looked amazing. Leaders who crafted executive leadership. Leadership that shaped brands. It is time to bring individuals to the center of the conversation. Aura .. it’s something that was crafted, not bought.

Personal branding is nothing new. Despite the massive amount of marketing and branding buzz, personal branding is nothing new. The aura of the chair in the board room was built over time. It’s a slow burn. You get one shot at crafting your own personal brand. Use help to get it right.

 Web – Presence .. share the experience you carry. The rubber ball when it bounced back, and career it started to look on track. The now so affordable art of personal branding and how you got disproportionate growth. Share that story. The journey from being management to leadership. Look back and thank the connected world.

Web presence.. It helps make your passion a profession.

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