Challenges of senior executive

Challenges of executive leadership and is help available?

No one told you life is going to be this way!

… from the TV series FRIENDS !

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We have all heard that. .. and said that to ourselves… now try being a senior executive. Coveted senior management position who seem to have it all. Welcome to the world of “no one told you”. 

If you are a fan of the tv series FRIENDS. .. like me .. then high five! I am just glad they used this line .. that TV series evokes a happy emotion. .. so every time “no one told you” unfolds for real .. there is a happy emotion attached to it. That said let’s look at Executive leadership up close, assess resources that support the development and how can web presence add value. 

Challenges of senior executives

Challenges of leadership in 21 century …

  • Lack of Diversity. …
  • Lack of Key Leadership Successors. …
  • Competition for Talent. …
  • Mismatch of Current Talent and Future Strategies. …
  • Need for Digital Expertise.
  • Balancing employee appreciation
  • Inspiration and motivate the team. 
  • Developing others. …
  • Leading change. …
  • Handling different perspectives. …
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome. …

These are the first few results from google, where people also ask. How many of them resonate? The authors of the article would like to acknowledge Karen Greenbaum, Forbes Human Resources Council Contributor, CEO, and President of the AESC, for compiling some challenges mentioned in the list above. 

Years of research go into developing leadership development programs. The programs and certifications are a rich repository of models and frameworks. Details come from the individual experience of the C-suite executives. Individuals that are leaders. They carry skills that combine the obvious with what is often not said, combine tangibles and qualitative aspects of all tasks at hand. The models and frameworks can be taught, bringing them to life is a refined skill, that needs practice. The trait of being able to offer perspective makes senior executives leaders.  

Continuous development with Leadership development programs

Leadership training is not just about how to be a leader. Rather, it is more of a journey of unearthing one’s passion and potential.

Web presence adds value to your Leadership certifications.

Leadership training is not just about how to be a leader. Rather, it is more of a journey of unearthing one’s passion and potential. From learning to take calculated risks and encouraging innovation to cultivate quality. It is a journey. You prepare yourself. Learn new skills that will help you grow as a person and as a professional.

Executive leadership development, certifications, and executive leadership programs have been the go-to place for the answers we seek. These programs are designed to illustrate the wireframe and model. Using and implementing anything is a skill that comes only by practice. This practice makes the class of senior executives leaders. Web presence can be the place where we showcase our unique interpretation. 

How web presence can add value to your Leadership certifications

Web presence helps display your skill and your version of what you learned as you worked hard to gain the certification.  

Consider web presence as your notes. Cultures are built on the basis of how top management conducts its self. I have been there. Share your comments if you agree. The joke about trees and monkeys is true. Cultures are built when senior executives walk the talk. Where and how they walk is well visible to everyone. Web presence offers a space to share your version. It allows you to present intent in your words. There is magic in sentence construction. Attitude towards the topic is reflected in the sentence construction and choice of words when you write. Go ahead write that blog. 

Writing helps organize thought. The other advantage of writing it out is that it stays for good. In the diary on the scratchpad, on post-it or tissue or a website. Once written, it stays for good. It carries the ability to challenge and clarify your thoughts. A little bit like walking the path to clear thinking. Making your executive certifications worth their weight in gold.  

Management is the function of executive leadership.

Executive leadership means the ability to manage. Management is also bringing your personal experiences and influences to the table. It includes the skill to influence and guide these individuals. Typically it will include functions like overseeing business activities, fulfill organizational goals, planning, designing a strategy, and decision making.

Running an organization is a lot like a machine. Each part big and small has a role to play. They all have to perform. The word senior is more of a synonym for the experience. Senior executives, senior leadership, senior management, are all people. You look up to the senior management for their collective experience. Experience of having done it before. 

Lack of Diversity, the question of a successor, talent competition are just some challenges for senior executives. They make an already complex situation complicated. Mismatch skills and resources have an economic impact. Have you tried walking on a rope stretched between two poles? Balance is tough to achieve even when we have a rope that we can touch, here we are talking about latent and intangible aspects of the c -suite. What are the skills that executive leaders should carry?

Executive leadership skills.

Skills for executive leadership

 For me, the answer lies in trying to discover the qualitative aspect of human personality.

Qualitative is often subjective. So how do you discover the hidden aspects of a personality? I believe the hidden secret to discovering the qualitative aspect of a human personality is through web presence. Qualitative analysis is a research technique that focuses on understanding why and how something happened. This technique quickly uncovers the unspoken needs and desires of people. It provides a foundation for growing a healthy company. A more practical and modern-day approach will be leveraging web presence. 

Encourage all stakeholders to write that blog. Showcase experience and influences. Social media profiles already serve as reinforcement to what a resume claims. web- presence makes the same effort as a deliberate one.  

Senior is a synonym of experience.

Leaders are leaders not because they have the microphone on the podium, it is because they have consistently displayed that they have the right skills. Or should I say displayed the right skill? Traditionally done through media and an organized set-up, sharing your view was the exclusive turf of the c-suite. It has now become the indulgence of everyone.. with a web presence.

Senior management, senior executives, senior leaders are the many names for people who keep the place running. Help is available in form of leadership development programs. Execution is still a personal skill. It is that skill that makes individual leaders. 

Let your work speak for yourself. Articulating is still your responsibility. Learn how web presence and personal branding can help amplify that message in my article Personal Branding: Make yourself visible and valuable, with web-presence

Challenge of executive leadership.. there is help avaliable.

Leaders are leaders because they can motivate, manage and display their ability. Personal branding and leadership have had a hand-and-glove relationship from time immemorial. Understanding qualitative aspects of human personality is a difficult task. Be present with a web presence. Share views, blogs, social profiles. It adds depth to the understanding of your personality and reduces the challenges of senior executives.

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