AI Management Framework

The use of AI in the EU will be regulated by the AI Act, the world`s first comprehensive AI Law.

09 Dec 2023, EU parliament

AI Management System

Enable safer and smoother adoption of AI tools for your enterprise with us. We consult and execute AI Management solutions for you. Our Management tools are compliant with ISO IEC 42001:2023

ISO IEC 42001:2023 Standard to list requirements for Artificial Intelligence Management Systems (AIMS)

AI Risks to Systems

Prioritise your resources and address your enterprise’s most significant risks and opportunities with us. We assess and advise your AI teams to manage risks with frameworks and templates compliant with the NIST AI 100-1 RMF (Risk Management Frameworks) and ISO IEC 23894:2023 (Guide to AI Risk Management).

Artificial Intelligence 100-1 Risk Management Framework

Complete your Risk Assessment with an Impact Assessment to analyze and record the feasibility and likelihood of harm to individuals, groups of individuals, and society. We help you create and report the Impacts of your artificial Intelligence systems. Our assessments are guided by ISO IEC DIS 42005. Plug in the outputs of the two risk and impact assessments, to record and document a comprehensive report to the executives. Enable the enterprise to create a culture of risk-based resource allocation and continuous improvements.

AI Impacts on Individuals and Society

ISO IEC DIS 42005 AI System Impact Assessment

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