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Web presence- it creates legacy & A Personal Brand.

Web presence is what the word suggests. Together let us discover what web presence can create. Personal branding, can very well be a balancing act so what all are we trying to balance? 

Have you been considering building your presence ?..

Chances are that there is one already. To put things in perspective the social media profile, articles, posts, pictures, all constitute to web presence. The post you wrote pouring your experience into, is valuable. Floating around the digital world is both important and consequential. Please begin to address the question “to what end”?

Social circle, people you know, people you know off. Traditionally that circle is built on having met people in person. The digital medium brings about a paradigm shift. It is now possible to centerstage personal interest, as a medium to build a network or community. The community is now a group of people who have connected over common interests. An online community in many cases discards the need to have a ‘common friend’. Social media platforms have been positioned as a place to connect. The debate has moved to which social media platform and “to what end”. 

Web presence … it can be

The article here leaves you with a wireframe of the possible when it comes to being present on the internet. It must be borne in mind that the message is core. The medium is incidental. Because we are talking web presence, Types of web presence could be text, video, audio.

 With that as a guide rail, it is possible to enlist the many forms each of them appears in. 

Prosomal branding images

Web presence … in text

articles, blog, social media post, comments, reviews, personal website, community, groups, micro-communities, tweets, hashtag

Web presence Video.. fun fact!

If two people are, is watching the phone one of them is probably watching a 3-7 min video clip. Video content constitutes 49 % of mobile traffic worldwide.

Web presence Audio..!

recorded your thoughts.. for posterity.

We talk more about how we can be visible and valuable in my article. Web presence and the options for the display of messaging have become easy as easy can be. Let’s address ‘to what end’.

Elements of web presence form the basis of the personal brand. A brand that draws strength from the experiences of individuals. It carries the potential to guide future generations. 

Personal branding is… 

The blog, along with a comprehensive post on LinkedIn, the well researched 280 characters on Twitter. Is valuable. Branding improves recall. .. 

"Brand is the only way you can get unnatural demand for your product… branding is the only way you get irrational preference in the minds of your consumers”…Subramanian Krishnan former chief of strategy, TBWA

Attention spans are reducing. The years of work, experience and insight deserve their place. Are we thinking about leaving a legacy for future generations? Web presence has a role to play. An appropriate presence is still the responsibility of those who have already walked the path of life.

Branding as an activity has added credibility to effort. It has been conclusively established that repetition breeds familiarity. It helps recall what was not read by the internet surfer. Branding thus helps remind and draw attention.

Personal branding is: web presence done right.

Branding is the visual grammar of the internet. 

Web presence is personal branding done right

I write more about the importance of personal branding in my article titled: When passion Becomes Profession. Read it here

A personal brand is important as we start to gather experience. Web presence offers unprecedented ways to present our work and the experience in it. 


Personal branding has always existed. In the formal organized sector, it was an exercise front-ended by an astute marketing team. Who will present the annual report or the red-hearing prospectus at the press conference, is carefully considered to date. Positions of power have an aspirational value because of personalities that appeared in media. 

The landscape of how and where we present is challenged by the digital medium. I write more in my article about increasing life spans and growing challenges of senior executives… it does get lonely at the top.

The author of the article maintains that personal branding for senior executives is a service to society. 

The how-to guide of personal branding?

A brand is made by the years of experience in the many years of work. 

Personal websites are the best way to present your experience. Understand websites as a hybrid amalgamation of all forms of web presence. The only medium that can offer an honest display of personality and experience.

… and that is because ..

  • Space ensures focus on experience. #KnowForYourWork
  • Tittle of your work .. it stays with you.
  • Consulting….  aid decision-making for all stakeholders .
  • Discover elements of your brand.
  • Brand elements replicated across platforms magnify effort. 
  • Your life’s work …. christened.
  • It is still early days for this form of personal branding in India. Enjoy first-mover advantages.
  • Consistency across the communication helps recall.. Nothing works better than consistency, even on social media.. 
  • Production and maintenance costs are not prohibitive.
  • Recorded user analytics.
  • you really do not need too much!
Have you considered giving your life’s work a title?   let your idea come alive!

There is merit in recording life experiences in text. Well-curated forms part of your personnel legacy. Web- presence talks about how to make yourself visible and valuable .. Read more here

It is important to keep stepping away and looking at the overall look and feel from a user’s perspective. Do you feel proud about it? It gets lonely at the top. A trust circle can help be the mirror of your web -presence. Ask… is it something that you will show off to people. The show off this time will not be the loud office colleague from the coffee counter.

Written text has the uncanny ability to display personality. Written text has the uncanny ability to challenge thoughts and clarify them for ourselves first. Digital marketing emphasizes having clarity for yourself before you can start attracting the attention of the world to it.  Answers to the question where we ask “to what end” would be to create a legacy. It serves as a guide rail for stakeholders and should be equated with social service.

Personal branding is a fallout of all that we do around the internet. It better be what you would like it to be.

It is best done right. Share your thoughts. 

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